21st Birthday Memories

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Sineade 21st Birthday


Turning 21 signifies a great milestone in anyone’s life. Not only do you gain the key to the door, it’s also officially the start of your adult life, full of hope and aspirations.  In some ways this occasion can be quite daunting as people find themselves at a crossroads, no longer in their teens, expected to be adults, and not quite knowing which road to take. With all this emotion, there’s also the big celebration to think of! 21st birthdays have been known to last to the early hours and what better way to remember the day than with a birthday photoshoot! A birthday photoshoot is the perfect way to make the birthday girl feel special along with having a bit of fun!

Birthday memories

Sineade approached us recently to book her 21st birthday photoshoot and we were delighted to help. She arrived on the day of the shoot with a few friends in tow, full of fun and enthusiasm. It was a great idea for her to bring friends along as doing a photoshoot like this alone can sometimes be a bit daunting. Having the girls there also enhanced the overall celebratory feel. They came loaded with clothes, make up and energy, which epitomises the beauty of being 21, full of craic and ideas and ready to party!

The birthday girl was, of course, the centre of attention and we captured lots of shots of her, both on her own and with the girls. Sineade was wearing gold to compliment the black dresses of the other girls and when photographed together, the contrast was quite striking and really worked. With her friends around, Sineade was really relaxed and this shone through the images, showing her true personality and adding to the sense of fun and celebration

A Moment in Time, A Memory for Life

. The girls had come prepared with props and by using different colour backgrounds we managed to get lots of great and varied images. At the end, each girl had an image to take home, a unique memory and keepsake to keep the group connected when life may cause them to separate in years to come. Everyone was delighted with their images and had a great day.