Rebecca Graduation


Graduation day is a momentous occasion for everyone involved. After working so hard to get your
qualification, its finally a day to celebrate and gain recognition for all the hard work. It’s also lovely
to bring home a memento of the day in the form of a photographic portrait in full gown and hat.
However, as we are all aware, on the day it’s not always that straightforward, with long queues and
frantic rushing to ensure you get your slot. There is also a feeling of pressure as you are fully aware
that the next person is waiting to come in after you.
For that reason, we have found that graduation shoots have become very popular in our studio, here
in Charlestown, Co. Mayo. A lot of people love the feeling of being able to relax and take their time
and do the shoot at a time that suits best. It also lessens the pressure during graduation day and
allows more time for mingling and soaking up the atmosphere on the day.

Capturing Memories One Click at a time

Graduation Memories

We like our studio to be a relaxed environment and we always allow our clients time to settle into
the shoot. We use professional lighting techniques to ensure you are photographed at your best
angles and we take as much time as necessary to shoot high quality images you are happy with. At
the end of the shoot we provide a framed image for the proud parents along with an array of digital
images which can be used as you wish.

Graduation Portraits with Shutter Fever Photography

This set of images are of the beautiful Rebecca, who recently graduated with a 1:1 in Micro Biology.
She was delighted with her images and we felt they really let her personality shine through. We
chose a grey background which is always timeless and the images had a commercial feel with an air
of sophistication. We used specific lighting, which included a Beauty Dish to create a beautiful catch
light in the eyes and was strip boxed to help sculpt the portrait. A Rim Light helps distinguish
Rebecca from the background, which was essential due to the black gown. We hope Rebecca will be
proud to have these images on display for years to come and that they will always bring back happy
memories of the occasion.
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