Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a once in a lifetime photoshoot where we capture the features of your tiny baby so you can hold these memories forever. Our newborn open plan space in the studio allows you watch and relax with a coffee while we create those priceless memories for you to treasure forever.

The time frame for these specialised images is very short, so it is vital that you book your slot in plenty of time. The first ten days is best, but we do accommodate the shoot to suit the age of your baby.

Here at Shutter Fever Photography, we specialise in Newborn and Maternity photography, trained in England in safety for baby and how to get the most out of your baby shoot.

Capturing Memories One Click at a Time

About our Newborn Photoshoots

Ideally, your newborn photoshoot takes place in the first ten days of your baby’s life, so planning ahead and booking early is vital.

In studio, we work with your newborn, styling the images and positioning them so baby is snug and content in their space, happy to stay there while we capture their images. Using up to three set ups, we work with your newborn to create a set of images that includes baby details, close ups and a first photograph of your new family together. 

We always approach our newborn photoshoots with an end product in mind, so we’re thinking of the announcement or thank you cards you may print, as well as wall canvases or prints, or maybe a digital package so you can share these gorgeous newborn images with your family and friends.

We always recommend you book your shoot well in advance

Don’t miss out – your baby’s time as a newborn is so short!

Maternity Photography

Maternity images are taken at such a special time in your life. There are many ways to shoot maternity and we will work with you and possibly your partner as to the way that you are most comfortable.

Mary, my assistant, will help you feel comfortable while assisting you with clothes changes, and any little details that you will require in the styling of your shoot. 

Capturing these beautiful intimate images in a relaxed atmosphere with Sean, who is a lighting expert and fashion shooter, will show you and your bump off in the most advantaged way, and in time to come when you look at the picture of the Baby Bump, you will see a beautiful image that you will be so proud to have.

Newborn Memories

Looking through your photos brings you back in time – all the feelings, the smells, the little details unique to each little person captured in that moment.

In the time of digital where images are left on computers and USB with a promise of print that never seem to make it to the wall, we at Shutter Fever Photography specialise in creating Wall Art for you to admire everyday, and would encourage you to print with us, as we team up with some of the best printing firms in Europe in order to bring you the best possible quality.