Amy,s 18th Birthday

Amy 18th

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On Location 18th Birthday

At Shutter Fever we love a good birthday photoshoot. They are always such a happy occasion and the air of celebration always makes for good photos. We have years of experience shooting birthday photoshoots both in studio, here in Charlestown, Co. Mayo or on location at the person’s place of choice. 

We recently had the pleasure of shooting Amy’s 18th birthday photoshoot. She chose to go for an on location shoot which is always nice as it means we get to photograph the person on their home ground, which usually makes them more at home with the camera and allows their true personality to shine through. Sometimes people, especially teenagers can be quite nervous coming to the studio so an on location shoot is a lot more relaxed and enjoyable for them. They have lots of family and friends around them too and everyone is usually in great spirits.

This type of shoot is usually shot in documentary style, capturing moments as they happen. We also like to include family and close friends in the images and get some natural shots of everyone enjoying themselves. Every shoot has its own unique elements, the decorations so carefully planned, the beautiful cake made with love, the heartfelt speeches and in this case the birthday bar, made especially for the nights celebrations.

Amy 18th Birthday

Amy got some beautiful images, both of herself and with her friends and family, special memories to treasure forever. These types of occasions are great from the photographers perspective as there is a chance to experiment with many different light settings, creating spectacular and unique images. On this occasion, one of our favourites was the capturing of the light trail from the sparklers which depicted the number 18, with Amy also in the image. Its such a striking image and really sums up the essence and celebratory feel of the night.

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